The name of the largest settlement in the metropolitan borough of Wigan is the Wigan town. It is also the place where metropolitan borough of Wigan administrative centre is situated. In Lancashire, Wigan town is known as one of the four oldest boroughs, and the charter has been given by the Henry III. In 17th century People of Wigan has witnessed the cruel impact of civil war as this town has been used as the key battleground.

Wigan name is always included in the list of the must-visit place while travellers are wandering around the Manchester. It is one of the apt towns for the family trip as Wigan has been offering a lot of fun activities.

What are the interesting, fun activities Wigan is offering?

  • Wigan roller rink:

Kids would love to see the Wigan roller rink, a huge roller skating area. It is basically a fun world where not just kids, but all skating lovers like to indulge themselves in skating. Wigan roller rink, the largest indoor roller rink in the Europe is gaining huge popularity.

  • Oxygen free jumping Wigan:

To make fun with your kids another eye- popping fun activity is oxygen free jumping or Trampoline Park. You find everyone is jumping and bouncing. It gives a distinct flavour of entertainment while you are in Trampoline Park.

  • Game and entertainment centres:

Throughout the Wigan, town travellers find numerous game and entertainment centres. If your kids love indoor games, you must visit these places. It is a unique way of getting pure entertainment where the whole family can take part and enjoy the family time. Aged people would get back their childhood memories while entering into these wonderlands.

  • Try Segway riding:

If you would like to try something different, try Segway. Take this quirky scooter and look out for new sites- it’s a fun riding.

  • Museum for Wigan life:

This is a public museum as well as local history resource centre. If someone wants to look back the life of Wigan, collection of this museum definitely helps him/her a lot.


Go through the names of the other places where you can visit:

Movie Theater, Mesnes Park, Robin Park arena and sports centre, Wigan little theatre, DW Stadium, Fairy Glen are the famous Wigan tourist spots.

Famous firms:

Food is an inseparable part of travelling especially when you are in another state or country; travellers always try to have the local cuisines. Incidentally, some well-known firms like the Tote, Girobank, and Carpet Firm Milliken are situated in Wigan.

Band culture:

Wigan loves music. It is one of the centres for word’s best band culture and the birthplace of bands like Wigan Youth Jazz Orchestra; the Railway Children is Wigan. Every year this town hosts International Jazz Festival. For a family a family destination Wigan is ideal.