TV Wall Mounting Service

Our TV Wall Mounting Service includes providing you the correct type of TV Wall Bracket for you television. When it comes to hanging a TV on a wall there are a few very important things that must be Television Wall Mounting Servicetaken into consideration. That is the size of the TV. We fit TV's from the small portable to 75" plus, however, as you can imagine the brackets are different for these sizes.

The next thing look at is what is the wall that it is going on made of? Is it a solid stone or brick wall or is it a stud wall made of a wooden framework with plasterboard ? If its a stud wall, then the type of bracket needed would be a flat bracket, whereas, if you required a cantilever bracket, then this has to go on a solid brick or stone.

When it comes to TV wall mounting, we are the guys to come to. We have been successfully carrying out TV installation on walls for a s long as the Flat screen TV has been around. We use only the best fittings for our installs, and can assure you that what we put up stays up.

For more info or to book an appointment, please call our Free phone number below.

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