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TV Aerial Services have been fitting TV Aerials for many years and in that time we have built up a fine reputation for honesty and integrity. When you call up for an appointment we will do our best to make sure we get to you as soon as possible and at a time that suits you. When we arrive at your door, we will be carrying the latest aerial meters and kit, ready to either fix your aerial or to setup a new digital TV aerial ready for you and your family to watch the best of what Freeview has to offer.

We will put boot covers over our boots to stop dirt getting trodden into your carpets and we always make sure to clean up any mess we create. Our TV Aerial Installation will come with a lifetime warranty on the products, giving you the reassurance that if it was to fail for whatever reason, we would return and replace that piece of kit.

TV Aerials

There are lots of different types of television antenna out there for anyone to buy. The thing is there is a big gap between which aerial is  good and which isn’t. We tend to stick to using the Log Periodic Television Aerials because the pick up the signal like a high gain aerial, yet due to their design, they pick up very little static interference, giving a high quality clean digital signal, ideal for your TV.

The equipment we use is cai and Rdi accredited coax cable, antennas, signal splitters, amplifiers & signal boosters. With that they as mentioned above come with a warranty for the lifetime of the product.

How Much Does an Aerial Installation Cost?

Our prices are very reasonable, and compared to national companies & other aerial fitters, relatively cheap. The actual cost of an aerial fit will depend of a few different variables, but if you would like a price we should be able to give you that over the phone after asking you a few questions about the details of the work & what you would require from us.

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