We were called in November to give a quote at one of the main pubs in Kirkby Lonsdale. The new owner had been refurbishing the rooms above the pub where patrons stay. Many of the rooms that were being fitted up in the pub were having problems with their TV’s. Some had certain channels missing, others had it where the picture would break up, and other rooms had no signal at all from time to time. So, we needed to take a good look at the aerial system that was currently installed and see if it could be repaired or sorted at all. Or, whether or not we needed to install a new aerial system.

To Replace the Aerial or to carry out an Aerial Repair

After taking a good look we decided that the best thing to do that would guarantee each room got uninterrupted TV, was to carry out a full TV Aerial Installation that would feed the 6 rooms via an aaerial installation kirkby lonsdalemplified splitter. The aerial system we would be setting up is very reliable, having installed many of this type over the years we’ve been fitting aerials. There are very few components to go wrong, so as long as it is all set up correctly in the first place, would carry on working for a very long time.

As for the existing cables and aerial we decided to uninstall and to take out anything that was part of the old system. Only where cables had been panted over and ripping them down would expose the old paint work and look a bit of a mess, did we leave those coax cables in situ. Everything else we took down.



The old aerial had served the best of its years, and was now no longer functioning properly due to the years on UK weather. Water had taken its toll, and had managed to get into the di-pole where it was drawn down the cable into the splitter, pretty much destroying that too. Most of the existing cables had got cracks in there protective sheaths and were letting water in at multiple points. Hence the reason to put in a new aerial system and to scrap the old one.TV Aerials Kirkby Lonsdale

To guarantee a quality television picture in each room and to split the signal coming in from the antenna, we used a 6 way masthead amplifier that had a variable 25db gain. This was employed because region where Kirkby Lonsdale sits is an area where the signal from the tv transmitter has trouble reaching and the signal when picked up is moderately good, but never strong. So if we are to split the signal 6 ways, we would need it to be amplified. Adding another 25db to the signal in which was reading 48db on average was an ideal solution to this problem. The end result was a TV aerial in each room with a signal of 58db on average, which is perfect for any Freeview TV.

Aerial Installation with a Lifetime Guarantee

After having set up the system and run the cable into each of the pubs hotel rooms, we tested the signal and then re tuned the TV’s to pick up the new stronger and clearer signal. The owner of the pub was very happy with the end results and also with how neatly we had run the cables on the outside of the building. If possible we always look to hide as much of the cable running on the outside of a building as we can, often installing it behind drain pipes etc, making the cable out of view. The whole job took us a day, but the weather was pleasant, which is unusual for a November.