The Blackpool area has a small part known as Thornton Cleveleys. This area got the name in 1927, before that it was not an urban district. Initially, the place had the very low population, but now there are almost 30,000 people living in this area. Thornton had the first railway station in 1865. The population of the place rapidly increased after a salt industry was established in the area. Now, this town is a part of a council named Wyre Borough.

History and present condition

The railway station in Thornton is not functional anymore and is covered in fences to avoid anyone littering there. People have been trying hard to make the railway station work again with the help of Poulton. The Marsh Mill is one of the most prominent buildings or landmarks in the town. This windmill was condemned after a tragic accident happened when two buyers of the windmill fell off to their death. The mill hasn’t been used since the day.

Thornton has all basic amenities of primary and secondary schools, a college and a fine limited library for the citizens of the places. The town had been into Rugby, and YMCA serves as the home ground to them. The town has something to cherish with the cricket fans ad has two clubs. Both the senior and junior citizens are the part of the club as well as the teams.

Visit the top places

There are places where you can simply go and enjoy the life in Thornton. The following places make the perfect list for your destination traveling, and you will enjoy a lot since the weather is also very nice there.

  • Cleveleys Front to be visited first
  • Wyre Estuary Park
  • Windmill, the marsh mill
  • Movie at the Vue
  • Bowling club of YMCA
  • Wonder Plant Place garden
  • Gifts shops like Grace & Favour
  • Ice arena

There are many places in Thornton you can visit and enjoy the stay in this town. The town is small, and that makes its best feature to stay and live the life. The places in town offer a peaceful aura that you will enjoy. The Railway station and windmill give you a glimpse of the ancient Thornton. The lovers of history will enjoy the town and make some nice moments there. Since the place is near to Fleetwood, you can enjoy the suburb area and nearby town also.