Stoke on Trent is a city which falls under the Unitary Authority area in Staffordshire, UK. The city has been named after the Stoke on Trent where the town hall and railway station is located. Initially, this place has been the home of the pottery industry in England and was also called potteries commonly. Currently, this place is a home to almost all the leading service industries and distribution centres.

Evolving from ceramics to leading MNC’s

Stoke on Trent is world famous for its ceramic industry. But gradually with time the ceramics industry has been replaced with offices and headquarters of the world’s some of the most infamous business organisations. The place is also home to Stoke City a leading football club which actively takes part in the English premier league. These industries along with the football club have succeeded in creating a special landmark and identity for Stoke on Trent.

Some leading companies

Some of the leading companies housing in this particular area of Stoke includes:-

  • Bet365- Bet365 is one of the biggest Multi-National Organisations situated in this place. Some of you must be acquainted with this brand because it is often seen sponsoring a leading football club in the league. The company has a huge turnover and houses over 3 thousand employees. That itself gives us a proof about the grandeur of the organisation.
  • Michelin Tyre Public Limited Company- Once again it is a leading MNC located in the place. Like the above-mentioned company, it also houses over 2 thousand employees.

Salient features

The most important feature is that you don’t find any particular business growing up. On the contrary, a wide range of other companies has grown up in this place. This makes Stoke on Trent the best example of a diverse place. It is almost like a happy reunion of the companies where everybody existed happily ever after their setup. Business giants like Fuchs Lubricants, Goodwin PLC, Novus Property Solutions Limited, etc. are also a part of this famous place and all of the house two thousand plus employees.

This place is still developing. Besides all the companies that have already settled their feet in this place, there are almost a dozen companies that apply every day to set up their offices in here. So gradually with time, Stoke on Trent will grow up to become one of the leading landmarks in England as far as business is concerned.