Southport is a large seaside town located on the Irish Sea coast of North West England.  Once upon a time it was one of the most populated areas of North West England. This place is mainly dependent on local businesses for its livelihood. The fact that it is a very suitable place for tourism acts as a boost to these local businesses.

South port famous locations:

South port beholds many businesses, a few of which are listed below:-

  • JUST chocolate shop

This is a contemporary chocolate shop that opened on Lord Street in November last year. Among the local businesses, this is one of the most successful ventures of recent times. The reason behind their exemplary success is that they offer chocolate and sweets of a wide range those appeals to people of all age groups. Starting from Belgian chocolates to mix fruit and jelly, you are going to taste the best of all varieties. The range is evenly balanced with the prices charged so that has enhanced customer satisfaction and reviews as well.


Since its opening, this place has succeeded in making a place on the bucket list of people of all ages. The main attraction of the store is that it serves tasty sandwiches, delicious home-made cakes, coffees and much more. It serves more like a café during the day while at night it serves gins whiskies and craft ales. The owners of REMEDY has been overwhelmed by the response of the customers in such a short time, and according to them, it has been a “roller-coaster ride” since they have started.

Main businesses of Southport:

Lord Street in North West England is one of the most iconic shopping locations. Therefore the location and the environment of Southport make it extremely suitable for people to set up businesses here. Being a tourist location the businesses that grow in and around this place primarily focuses on tourist satisfaction and their needs. So almost with every step, you will get to see pubs, tea rooms, and exotic restaurants. Not only that, you have cafes for games where kids can get refreshed and energized. You will come across Wilson’s Kitchen where you will have the best of meat and burger experience.