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Sky Dish Installation

Sky Installation

We have been carrying out Sky dish installation work for years and fit the exact same satellite dish and LNB, plus twin cable that Sky do. Our installs differ from the usual Sky Fitters because unlike a Sky engineer, we are able to fit your satellite dish in a more discreet location, such as on a chimney or other awkward and hard to get to places.

Discreet Sky Satellite Dish Installation

We aim to hide as much of the cable as possible, by hiding it behind the down spouts of drainpipes and anywhere else we can attach and hide it from view. Cable being run on the property can leave a house looking untidy so unlike the Sky installers we will do our very best to hide the cable. All of the holes drilled out of the property for the cable will be sealed and water tight, left with  a water proof cover.

As well as Sky Dish Installation, we also fit octo LNB’s for those home requiring more than 4 inputs from the satellite dish. We also provide a dish alignment service for when it has been moved out of line by strong winds or by being knocked. LNB’s can be replaced if they have failed to work correctly, plus we also repair coax cable and can also reboot Sky boxes that have stopped working. In certain cases we can also provide a sky box replacement if the original sky receiver has broken beyond repair.

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