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Satellite Dish Installation

Freesat installation

We offer a couple of types of satellite installation, they are the satellite dish installation for the Freesat platform & also, the very popular sky dish installation and set up, for Sky TV. Click Sky installation for more information on this service.

Freesat is a free to air platform which is very similar to Freeview, the difference is that with Freesat, the signal is transmitted from satellites and can only be picked up using a satellite dish the same as a sky dish. With Freesat, the user will need to have a digital receiver to be able to tune in these channels, since most TV’s don’t have an inbuilt Freesat tuner, just a Freeview tuner only.

We offer a full Freesat installation service which includes the satellite dish installation, with either a twin feed or single cable feed. The type of cable used will depend on whether you would like to use a receiver that can record or not. If you are not sure of what kind of box to go for, then call us up, and we can advise you based on what your requirements are.

The clear benefits of using Freesat, and they are particularly pertinent if you live in an area where you have poor reception from the Freeview transmitter. Unlike terrestrial transmissions, the signal received from the satellites is not usually prone to interference unlike a terrestrial signal picked up by an aerial.

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