TV Wall mounting in preston

So, like the title say’s, as well as doing TV aerial installation, we also do TV wall mounting including providing the bracket plus longer HDMI cables if required. Plus, upon request we also will provide trunking to hide away the power and HDMI cables etc. There are numerous wall brackets for televisions on the internet to buy and use. However, we prefer to provide our own, since we know the quality of them and the correct way to set them up without having to go back and forth to the instruction manual.

tv bracket with levelHaving carried out 100’s of TV installations we are very experienced with what can be and cannot be done. For instance, if a customer wants a type of bracket that allows the TV to be pulled away from the wall and swivelled either left or right, then the wall in which the bracket is to be fitted must be a solid brick or stone wall. The weight that even a light TV has will increase the strain on the wall plugs and bolts, when it is pulled out. So, fitting these kind of brackets to a stud wall is a no no. Using 3-4 inch bolts drilled into a solid wall is the only way, and using 8 – 12 of the bolts depending on the weight of the TV.

I recently did a TV wall mount in Preston the other week. The wall was a stud wall, but the bracket the customer wanted was a flat bracket with a tilt. This is the kind of bracket that can go on a stud wall. By using special cone plugs these are screwed in to the wall and then these are spaced out evenly across the wall where the bracket is to be fitted. Of course all the measuring and height positioning is done first. To get my brackets perfectly level, I will after screwing in the cone plugs, then fit a screw holding the bracket at one corner, I then level it up using a spirit level and then go about screwingtv wall bracket fitted in the rest of the screws keeping an eye on the level whilst doing this. This method I have found is the best way of achieving a perfectly level installation.

What I enjoy about doing these jobs is unlike a TV aerial installation being an outdoor job usually unless it is a loft aerial that is required. The TV wall mounting service on the other hand is always indoors, and during the winter months is  very much appreciated. Adding trunking to the wall in a straight line to hide the cable does in some cases finish the job off nicely, it also helps to stop the cables getting snagged on anything whilst walking past it.