Local Business in Lytham (Lancashire)


Lytham Saint Annes is one of the populous towns in North part of England and is situated on the seaside. The town’s economy was dependent on fishing and shrimping. Lytham Saint Annes was a merged of two neighboring towns in the south part of Blackpool and formed a seaside resort. I’ve been working as an aerial installer in Lytham St.Annes for over 8 years.

St Anne’s-on-the-Sea was a planned town in the 19th century. The businessman Elijah Hargreaves, had planned drawn it for the town was mostly laid out. He also missioned the economic benefits that would attract large numbers of visitors from the east and mill towns. Its original character has retained and fighting hard to become well-presented town to rival Lytham, the nearby neighbor. But then, the two towns grew and worked together that made one of the wealthiest areas in North part of England.

Health Care at Its Finest

The primary responsibility of NHS North Lancashire Primary Care Trust is health care. There are several numbers of recent reorganizations and building for general practice in the town. Lytham’s general practice is based at a health center opened in 2009. It was called the Lytham Primary Care Centre. The building’s site is on the original Lytham Hospital.

The Blackpool, Fylde and Hospitals are the secondary providers in local health cares which include main acute hospital, two community hospitals, and two elderly rehabilitation hospitals. The Blenheim House Child Development Centre. And National Artificial eye services are also a big help to the local business.

Other Resourceful Amenities

Lytham St. Annes Civic Society created the woodland walk and joined by the area with leased land from British Rail. Aimed to set up a limited company to own and be able to manage the wood. The members of the society cleared the undergrowth, removed the rubbish and they have introduced a path running the wood length. Tree preservation protected and served as a land to the Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Another group of developers in Saint Annes succeeded in planning permission to build a block of flats for derelict children’s home on the site of sand dunes to the northern part of St Annes. As a result, local campaigners resisted the plan of which the council initially refused the permission of that planning, but when they appeal to the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, the decision was overturned and building work was completed by late 2007. More interesting facts here.