Interesting Facts About Lytham St. Annes (Lancashire. UK)


Lytham Saint Annes are situated on the Fylde coast. It lies on the south point of Blackpool where the coastline goes east to form an estuary in Ribble River through the inland and to Preston. I have worked as an TV Aerial fitter in the town for years. The town is populous and is considered as a wealthy area with constituents’ earnings among the highest in Northern England. Through centuries, Lytham’s economy was dependent on fishing and shrimping until the tourism’s advent and health cures on the seaside. When the Industrial Revolution started, wealthy industrialists moved to Lytham from the east of the country.

Lytham St Annes is a conurbation in Fylde district of Lancashire where neighbouring towns Lytham and Saint Annes-on-the-sea have grown together on the seaside and was abbreviated as Saint Annes. The two towns merged and now formed a pleasant view seaside resort. Lytham was mentioned as”Lidun” in the Domesday Book. In earlier ages, monks established a really small priory that was comprised to three or four monks. The site is where the present Lytham Hall was built.

Controversial Developments

The most controversial issue in terms of political concerned Lytham Saint Annes property development in 2007. Greenfield sites were not available so they have to demolished buildings even those historic ones that made Ashton Gardens now. Some proposals were rejected such as the 2,800 apartment development called Lytham Quays.

Although there are several establishments, St Annes has also a wildlife that shelters large flocks of birds in different species. Lytham St Annes Nature Reserve has a variation of 250 distinct plant species which include internationally rare plants that would not be found outside the UK. Common lizards are rampant across the dunes and it is also an important habitat for other various breeding birds such as stonechat, skylark, linnet and reed bunting. The coastal specialist greyling butterfly can also be found on the dunes.

The Renowned Peaceful Town

Lytham Saint Annes is internationally known for its four golf courses and links. The most renown is the Royal Lytham & St Annes Golf Club, one of the host courses for the Open Championship, or the famous “British Open”, which started since first hosting the Open in 1926. Once every ten years, the coming of a major sporting event, The Open brings a major number of travelers and people from all over the world, including world’s media, into a fairly peaceful community of Lytham Saint Annes.