Poulton Le Fylde is a small market town that lies on the coastal plain called the Fylde. Though the town is nearby the coast, there’s not much evidence of fishing among its constituents. The town relies more on its agricultural settlement and the bounty of the land. After the Medieval period, the town became an important region as a commercial center with tri-annual and weekly markets.

The two harbors on the River Wyre were the place where imported and exported goods come-and-go. The town was then described as the “metropolis of the Fylde”. During the time of the nineteenth century, the town’s commercial importance waned because the development of the nearby coastal towns of Fleetwood and Blackpool occurred. In the 19th century, the imports of flax from nearby town Kirkham were vital for local linen industry, and craftsmen in Poulton were part of the industry.

The Poulton Industrial Estate is the town’s business center but agriculture is still important to the locals. In 2001, agriculture, hunting or forestry have paved way to the employment of local workers in Wyre compared to few percent raise on the employment rate in the North West and England.

Refused to Change

During the early nineteenth century, Poulton declined the changes brought by the Industrial Revolution in craft industries. Local producers did not embrace the new methods and as a result, the town suffered from where it is situated. The large labor markets were far from coalfields. The major role of Poulton as commerce center waned. For the mean time, the importance of town’s market remained to its constituents as a local supply of goods.

Poulton was overshadowed by neighboring towns but still, the town retains its prominence among nearby cities. The study says that Poulton has no cinemas, theaters, museums or galleries.  There was a popular demand among locals for a cinema, a weekly market was then granted plus more independent retailers. People were also concerned due to lack of facilities among residents and for young people. Lancashire County Council has operated a library in Poulton.

The marketplace in the center of Poulton has been closed because it is as wide as two streets which oftentimes cause traffic to motorists. The town’s square contains stocks, market cross, whipping post and fish slabs, as well as war memorial where fishes were sold during market days.