The Antiquity of Lancaster

Lancaster situated northwest and the county town of Lancashire England, where the city is located 4.8km (3miles) inland from Morecambe bay. It is located on the RiverLune and the Lancaster Canal. Lancaster being historical, educational centre and an Ancient spot in Lancashire England was famous because of the richness of its structures. Lancaster University is the highest ranked University in England and was given a 6 star rating for research. The city is also known for its arts scenes over 600 organizations are involved for culture and arts.

Interesting facts about Lancaster

lancasterYou will be enticed to what had transpired the Lancaster during those times that had created the present scene A picturesque of the Antiquity of the City.

  1. In 1086 recorded in Domesday Book as Loncastre, where “Lon” refers to River Lune

Whereas “castre” in Old English caester.

  1. Lancaster nicknamed as the Hanging Town because more people was sentenced to be hanged in Lancaster Castle than any other country outside London.
  2. Red rose is the traditional emblem of the House of Lancaster.
  3. City status was gained during 1937.
  4. Lancaster University is ranked top 10 in the guardian league table.
  5. It was also once the busiest ports that travel in River Lune to carry spices, sugar, tea and coffee.
  6. Also known as The Northern City of Ale popular to serve cask ale in more than 30pubs.
  7. Ashton Memorial described as England grandest Folly and Taj Mahal of North and dominates the Lancaster skyline including the Morecambe Bay.
  8. Lancaster is also the home of European Headquarters for Reebok.
  9. Lancaster is also the birthplace of the song writer John Waite, lead singer of The Baby’s and ranked 1 solo in USA contributed to the popularity of the City.
  10. The Judge lodging is the oldest town house in Lancaster.
  11. Cathedral of St. Peter or Lancaster Cathedral is a Roman Catholic Church until 1924, before it became a Cathedral.
  12. Millennium bridge used for pedestrians and cyclists to decongests traffic and designed by Whitby bird Architects.
  13. Lord Ashton a successful businessman gave Quees Victoria a Statue built in 1906by Herbert Hampton. The statue features the achievements of famous Victorians
  14. Lancaster Maritime Museum display the past of Morecambe’s bay and Lancaster.Also exhibits the ship building during 1860-1870’s.
  15. The Penny Almhouses we’re built in 1720, to build the house of 12 poor men.Willian Penny the Lancaster Mayor left £700 to build the houses.