devils-bridge-kirkby-lonsdaleKirkby Lonsdale is a broadly beautiful Cumbrian town, prestigious for its photogenic appeal; however, its most charming viewpoint is potentially the one witnessed from the foot of Collier’s Lane located in High Casterton. This lifted vantage indicates the east of the River Lune offers an enticing vista captivating the town as it more likely than not appeared to explorers for quite a long time: a captivating system of smooth stone structures isolated by limited cobbled paths and confined by a peaceful scene of uncommon magnificence.

In a census conducted by the government in 2011, the town of Kirkby noted to have a population of 1,843 citizens.

Today, Kirkby Lonsdale holds quite a bit of its age-old advance – with a 21st-century turn. The mind blowing notable structures – numerous going back many years – that line the Kirkby Lonsdale curious boulevards and squares now oblige an amazing scope of autonomous shops, bistros, bars, lodgings, and eateries, together offering a one of a kind ordeal that is progressively hard to discover on the cutting edge high road

Interesting facts about Kirkby;

Kirkby is despite being a small town, a beautiful destination for holidays and other activities. Below highlighted are some interesting facts about Kirkby.

  1. The town of Kirkby retained Charter for a market and the authorization of conducting a yearly fair in 1227. This fair is held in every September and stall owners gather around Market Street in order to trade their goods.
  2. The famous Devils Bridge is in nowhere other than Kirkby and at a time it paved a way for Kendal from Skipton above the River Lune. This bridge is widely known as an attraction site for scuba divers. It was built around 1370 and is known to be constructed out of very fine gritstone ashlar. Hence, motorcyclists and young riders tend to be attracted to the bridge.
  3. the most praised view, Ruskin’s View is also a sight gifted by nature. John ruskins has praised it as one of the loveliest sights in England.
  4. Kirkby is the main point for many documentary films and fictional movies such as Behind the Rent Strike.
  5. Kirkby is the native home of the famous youth academy of Liverpool F.C along with many known footballers.
  6. Kirkby has achieved the status of Independent Urban District in 1958.
  7. St Mary’s Church is also a famous site which is a carved column based Norman structure.