Kendal is a civil parish and a market town in Cumbria’s South Lakeland District, England. Abundantly built on limestone, Kendal is the focal center point for various shopping and culture within Lakeland.

Traditionally, Kendal was a standout amongst the most imperative woolen material center in the nation, creating ‘Kendal Green’ and other ‘Kendal cottons’ – its various yards were once loaded with workshops handling fabric, food varieties, and leather. Kendal was additionally the center town for shoe making, carpet production and snuff fabrication.  In addition to the creation of Kendal Mint Cake; a crucial essential for today’s adventurers and mountain dwellers also is featured in Kendal.

Kendal is now very famous as a tourist site by being the manufacturing place of pipe tobacco with many more attractive beautifully constructed buildings. The town of Kendal comprises a population of more than 28000 people.

What makes Kendal so interesting?!

Below highlighted are some interesting facts to know about Kendal.

  1. Kendal holds the world’s oldest manufacturing machinery being used till today which was made in 1750 which has also undergone three moves that needed disassembling.
  2. The buildings at Kendal are majorly constructed by using grey limestone which is locally obtained which has led the town to perceive the nickname of Grey Ault Town.
  3. Kendal is widely famous for being the native home for the Kendal mint cake which was discovered by Joseph Wiper accidentally while searching for clear glacier mint
  4. Kendal’s success originated from its wool b=trades which began in the 13th century with the Flemish weavers.
  5. The Abbot Art Gallery of Kendal in the southern area of the town comprises of sculptures and paintings from the 18th century.
  6. The biggest parish church of Cumbria’s is located in Kendal which has remained as a place of worship since the 13th century.
  7. Kendal is the home for the well-known K-shoes brand until their factories stopped operating in around 2003.
  8. Kendal castle, Kendal is a main tourist attraction site worth sighting.
  9. The author of widely known guidebooks, Alfred Wainwright was born to Kendal to whom Kendal Museum is honored. It is one of the most historical and oldest museums in the whole country.
  10. Kendal is twined by two countries, Germany and Republic of Ireland. Rinten of Germany and Killarney of Republic of Ireland makes this a must see town between two beautiful countries.