Manchester is a major metropolitan town in the Greater Manchester. The name Manchester was derived from various languages and summed up its meaning to a survival of Old English which means fort or fortified town. In Latin, it has an absurd meaning, the”breast-like hill”. The town is home to more than half a million people. Manchester lies within the second-most populous urban area in the United Kingdom, with an estimated population of 2.55 million. In the history of Victorian Era, Manchester began to rapidly increase its people peaking around 700,000. The city has also been a melting pot because of its various racial proportions like Arab, Chinese, Asian, Black, Mixed and more.

There are so much more in Manchester, the physical structures are magnificent and well preserved. The variety of architectural style of the buildings had drawn so many visitors from different places. Manchester has numbers of tallest skyscrapers compared to other cities outside London. Although it is a city there are more than a hundred parks, open spaces and gardens within the metro. The Heaton Park is an award-winning leisure place in the northern part of the city. One of the largest municipal parks in Europe is also located in Manchester, covering more than 600 acres of parkland.

The Greater Manchester Area

man-utd-logoManchester is home to various kinds of entertainment. Manchester is well known for being a city of sports. The two Premier League clubs bear the city name – Manchester United and Manchester City. Man Utd plays its home games in Greater Manchester borough of Trafford, United Kingdom’s largest club football ground. Its home ground is the City of Manchester Stadium or also called Etihad Stadium for sponsorship purposes.

Many famous artists are born and raised in Manchester. Bands and other musicians have emerged from the Manchester music scene. The Halle and BBC Philharmonic orchestra are the two symphony orchestra of the city. One of the famous bands in the world were from Manchester, they are the Gallagher brothers of Oasis. They are famous for their hit single Wonderwall, Champagne Supernova, and other songs that debuted throughout the world. Bee Gees had also made it in earlier years of Manchester’s music industry. The book The Communist Manifesto was born in the library of Gaskell where Karl Marx and Engels wrote it and also has contributed to the city’s radical literary history.