Stoke on Trent is the unitary area and Northern area of Staffordshire. Stoke is the centre of six other towns, and the name is originated from the place where Town Hall and Rail Station are situated. This place has homes the finest potters of England. The basic industries in this town include pottery, coal mining, steel industries and other small cottage industries for survival. The black gold is the second largest contributor to the economy of the country after pottery. Tyre Company of Stoke is also a small part of the town’s economy.

While travelling from Manchester on your way to Birmingham, Stoke will welcome you. The town is portrayed in many novels. The novels show this town as a collection of five towns, omitting the sixth one for literary beauty. The place is surrounded by lowlands, plains and National Park on its ends. The suburbs add to the beauty of this small town. The temperature of the town touches fairly high and low values on mercury.

Know your visiting places

If you are travelling for the first time in Stoke, it is important to note the following destinations; you should cover. The famous museum for pottery and art gallery is famous for looking into. There is an industrial museum, called Etruria in which you can have a look in. The Barlaston’s Wedgwood museum is another point of attraction near the town. The small shops making their own pottery are the very common site, and you can simply look out for the entire pottery-making process.

Gifts from Stoke

There are many things that the town of Stoke offers the world. Many people out in the world are not aware of the gifts they get from Stoke. Here is a list of things you get from Stoke.

  • Pottery and clay articles
  • Spitfire fighter planes
  • Oat puddings and cakes
  • Spark plugs
  • Famous footballer, Stanley Matthews
  • Oldest professional football clubs
  • Wonderful writings of Arnold

There are many facts with Stoke on Trent. While travelling to the town, knowing some of the facts is good. The town has most of the facts related to football. The town hasn’t participated in football before 2008 although the earliest and oldest professional football clubs are in Stoke. The nickname of the club is to represent the basic industry and speciality of Stoke as ‘The Potters’. The facts and perfect clay modelling is the blueprint of Stoke on Trent.