Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the best tv aerials?

We use the Log Periodic TV Aerial as it is good for picking up even weak signals and it helps to filter out noise interferrence

What caravan TV aerial is best?

We us the mini log, since it is small enough to store away when the caravan is in transit, but good enough to pick up weak signals

What TV aerial do i need for BT vision?

For BT Vision, you will need a good full band aerial & depending on your location will depend on whether you will need a high gain aerial or a standard kind

How much are TV aerials?

The cost of an aerial installation to one point, that includes all the cable, the bracket, mast etc costs £150 without any amps being used. For a clearer quote please call the Free phone number

How does a Television aerial booster work?

A booster or amplifier does exactly that, it amplifies the signal in aid of producing a stronger signal for the TV to tune into.

Are indoor TV aerials any good?

No, not usually, though if your location is near to a transmitter, then you should be able to pick up the transmission signal ok.

Why is my TV aerial not picking up channels?

In most cases, this is the tell tale sign that the aerial is failing, and that is usually down to water ingress. The other reasons are that an amp has failed, other another piece of equipment has failed.

What’s the best digital aerial for Freeview?

There are many aerials that will work perfectly at bringing in a signal for digital TV, for more info on which is going to be best for you call us, since knowing how many TV’s in the house it is going to connect to makes a difference to the kind of aerial system required.

How long does it take to install a Sky box?

An aerial installation to just 1 point in the home will take between 1 and 2 hours.

How much does it cost to have Freesat installed?

A freesat satellite dish installation including twin cable is usually £150 depending on the location for the dish and the length of cable required.

How much does Sky installation cost?

A sky dish installation with twin cable will cost £150 depending on the location of where the dish is being installed and the length of cable used.