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Extra TV Points

Television Sockets

We install 2 types of TV socket, they are for terrestrial TV Aerials and the other is for satellite TV. The most common one we fit is the extra TV point for Freeview TV, since off an aerial there can be any amount of extra TV points within reason. Where as with Sky or Freesat, there isn’t such a demand for the actual sockets. Usually extra cable is run from the satellite dish into the room of choice, rather than installing a socket on the wall.

We tend to fit the kind of TV sockets that are proud of the wall rather than the kind that are sunk into the wall, this is because we are usually retro fitting these, which means we are installing extra TV points after the house has been built and decorated. By installing a socket that is fixed onto the wall rather than in it, you will save yourself an awful lot of mess and brick dust, since we would have to chisel out the whole if fitting a recessed socket.

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