Chorley is a town in North West England which is a market town located north of Wigan by 8.1 miles. The meaning of the name Chorley is the Pleasants and no known occupation was raised in the town before the middle ages. The town got its riches mainly from the industry of cotton in addition to being the major middle town for another four towns. Similar to the most of Lancashire towns, the town expanded their riches from the industrial revolution in the 19th century being the primary factor for the growth of the town.
In Chorley, the first industrial signs originated with mining which is supported by the fact that many quarries were found in and outside the town.
The national statistics of the town indicates that the population has highly increased to 34,667 in 2011.

Interesting facts about Chorley

The town of Chorley is a town holding many tourist attraction sites and places of interests which makes the town, an amazing place to visit. Apart from this, there are other several reasons and facts that are interesting about the town.
1. In 1970’s, Chorley was presented as a branch of Central Lancashire new Town in addition to Preston and Leyland.
2.  The Church of England parish church belonging to St Laurence on Union Street has been a Christian Worship residence for more than 800 years.
3. Despite being little known, the town of Chorley has played a vital role in the world war ll during which, it was the home to a royal factory.
4. Chorley is the native place for the partially professional football team of Chorley F.C which is also labeled as Magpies which was founded in 1875.
5. In Chorley, a French market arrives once a year and disperses continental flavors in the atmosphere for that weekend.
6. Chorley is the birthplace of the famous founder of Tate Gallery, Henry Tate who also is the founder of the Tate Sugar Empire.
7. The outdoor market of Chorley has been running for more than 200 years.
8. Chorley was the commencing point for the widely known Chorley Group.
9. Chorley is a natural attraction site for many adventure-seeking tourists with mountains and other hills.
10. Chorley is the home to the first 24 hour Health Club in Lancashire, “Chorley Fitness” which has been awarded in 2012 as the UK Fitness Centre of the Year.