Interesting Facts about The City of Chester

Interesting Facts about the City of Chester

Chester City

Located in northwest UK, Chester was founded as a Roman Fort with the name Deva under the kingship of Emperor Vespasian in the year 79. It is unique in being a walled city. Also, it is one of the best preserved walled city in the entire Europe. Most of the buildings are medieval, majority of which display the black and white Victorian style of architecture.

Modern Day Chester

Even today, the medieval history of Chester is preserved in place. Although a lot of changes has changed some parts of the city entirely, a lot of labour is done in order to preserve the history of medieval Chester while allowing the city to develop and expand in order to accommodate the large population of 90,524 (according to the official 2001 census). Till now, there has been quiet a few debates over whether to keep Chester intact for tourism or allow normal settlements in the city, but most acts, such as the City Conservation Area, seem to support the former.

Chester, being a home for 90,524 people, has one of the largest white British proportion of over 94 % of the total population. About 75 % of the population is Christian, nearly 15 % say they don’t belong to a religion, while over 8 % of the total population didn’t disclose their religion in the surveys. The percentages of Muslims, Sikhs, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, etc. are less than 1 % with about 0.7 % being Muslims.

The main source of employment in Chester is tourism for which the medieval history has been preserved to the best quality and level possible (according to the Chester government officials). Other major businesses, such as hotels, restaurants, theaters, etc., mostly aim to complement tourism.

The unique feature of Chester’s shopping arena are the Rows or two storied galleries with the ground floor being a bit below the ground level.

Places of Interest

Tourism being the main employer in Chester, there are a lot of places which would attract travellers, historians, etc. Here are some of the more important attractions of the majestic city:

The city walls definitely is the most massive source of attraction in Chester. Second comes the Rows which are unique to Chester. Then theres the Eastgate Clock which is the second most popular and photographed clock in the world, second only after the Big Ben also in UK.

The other important tourists sites are the Chester Zoo, Grosvenor Museum, Chester Cathedral, and the beautiful and mighty River Dee which laps Chester.