Businesses in Chester

Businesses in Chester


Tourism is the biggest employer in Chester. Other major businesses, such as restaurants, hotels, theaters, etc., primarily aim at complementing tourism by providing their services to tourists.

Other major service in Chester is retail. Due to the Rows, two storeyed galleries having the ground floor a bit below the ground, shopping among tourists becomes so essential that simple things sell at the price of silver in the Rows which are uniquely gifted only to the city of Chester.

Other than tourism, Chester has a very large sector in finance. Many prestigious banks, such as the Bank of America (MBNA Europe formerly), NFU Mutual, HBOS plc, Virgin Money, M & S Bank, etc., have their major financial sectors implanted here.

Nearby Chester, over the Welsh border to the west in Broughton exists a large factory, Airbus UK, which produces wing of the Airbus aeroplanes and provide employment to around 6,000 people. Iceland, which is a frozen food company is also based nearby Chester in the Deeside areas.

Nevertheless, tourism remains the primary source of employment and the primary concern of the government of Chester. In 2007, The Council of Chester, which ruled the Chester in the past, had announced a 10 year long plan for the development of Chester which aimed at making Chester a “must see” tourists site in Europe. Because of a heavy spending of £ 1.3 billion, it has been given the nickname Chester Renaissance. For the participation of interested parties, the Renaissance website:, was established.

Recently, many multinational companies have shown interest in Chester. Some of the more prominent ones are: Jaguar and Lloyds TSB. Also sectors such as advanced engineering, energy generation, chemical production, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing are gaining rapid growth. Other than that, Chest has a strong legal and judicial sector, with references to County and Crown Courts, already.

Major Companies And Business Set Ups in Chester

Bank Of America
It is probably the biggest and the most dominant company in the financial sector of Chester.

Capita is UK’s reflection of the Bank Of America. With its HQ in London, it is a prominent company in the financial sector of Chester and the rest of UK.
Sykes Cottages
A small private company in Chester. Provides employment to about a hundred people, it has a monopoly over the real estate industry in Chester.

There are many others, but the above are the fastest growing companies which have a focus towards long-term hold on Chester.