Bolton is a town residing in the Greater Manchester within North West England. Since the migration of Flemish weavers in the 14th century, Bolton has been the widely acquired center for textile production.

Enclosed in a ring format by the Metropolitan Borough of Bolton, Bolton is the center while comprising of a population of 139,403 and counting. In addition to being part of the Lancashire historically, Bolton is placed naturally on flat land on both sides while the transportation goes on in the local road network and national routes. In spite of growing as a small town, Bolton has managed to build itself and gain the designation of a town in 1251.

Amazing facts about Bolton:

Bolton is on the verge of its revolution to become a city. The town is full of amazement that leaves no doubt for this ambitious town. The facts below may change your mind about your next holiday plans.

  1. Bolton is the kingdom of airwaves with a unique distinction of breeding vast number of BBC’s highly rated radio DJs.
  2. Bolton comprises of the friendliest people in the whole Britain which were clearly identified by a recent survey conducted by the British Society for the Advancement of Science, about the warmth care and consideration expressed by the town people.
  3. Boltonians have a relatively high level of literacy with rising and bestselling authors.
  4. An interesting fact about Bolton is that they hold one of the top mountain rescue teams in the Britain while no mountain belongs to Bolton.
  5. The Samuel Crompton of spinning mule fame was also invented in Bolton.
  6. The Octagon Theatre of Bolton is classified to be in the best Provincial theater list in England.
  7. The most acclaimed quote in the entire British history was vocalized by a commentator belonging to Bolton. The well-spoken words were the everlasting words spoken that made history.
  8. Bolton boasts one of the oldest pubs in the whole nation. “Ye Olde Man and Scythe” pub was established in 1251 and is ranked in the oldest public houses in Britain list while it is the oldest pub in Bolton.
  9. The widely enjoyed sports of the globe, football has been living in Bolton far longer than any other town or country. Bolton contains some of the good players and most historical players of the world.